Cliffwood Presentation

TFSS staff, Joelle and Elaine, had the privilege of saying ‘thank you’ to Cliffwood Public School at their monthly assembly. Why were we thanking them, you ask? Well that’s because Cliffwood has been a big TFSS supporter this school year. By participating in one campaign, they raised nearly $900! Their generous donation dollars were used to purchase items such as warm coats for students through those cold winter days, nutritious food to fill empty bellies and eye glasses to see the chalkboard clearly. Under the leadership of a very enthusiastic teacher, Gale Mercurio, their impact on our community has been huge!

During the assembly, students performed musical pieces, received leadership awards and a group of four boys performed a break dance routine for the audience!

Not only is Cliffwood PS caring and fantastic fundraisers, they are also very talented. Thank you Cliffwood!

Pictures: Above- TFSS staff presenting to students about how their donations have helped students across the city. Below- Students and staff proudly presenting a cheque to TFSS for almost $900.

Cliffwood Cheque