Thank you.

When schools shut their doors in March 2020, we had no idea that the next time they’d open would be September. Our community came together in a big way and, with your support, we were able to get over 100,000 grocery cards out to TDSB students.  Although the Food for Kids program is now over, through your generosity we were able to support students during this challenging time, and we couldn’t be more grateful for your support. 

Thank you so very much.   Without your support, Food for Kids simply wouldn’t have been possible.

Food for Kids

School closing meant the closure of Student Nutrition Programs, which many, many students relied on.  To help fill this gap, we worked quickly to find a way to get food out to kids who needed it, in the safest and fastest way possible.

Working closely with the school boards and volunteers from KPMG, a process was developed to get grocery food cards out to the families of children in need. Through our Food for Kids program, each child received a $50 food card, which is the cost of breakfast for 30 days. The food cards not only served a basic need – providing nutritious breakfasts – but they also allowed families to purchase culturally relevant food, in an autonomous and dignified way.

Schools are now open, and our Food for Kids program is over.  However, kids still need help, and so we are again focussed on supporting students through nutrition programs, as well as our other initiatives, and our Emergency Fund.

If you would like to help us support children during this time of crisis, please donate here.


“I’m a mom of three growing boys, ages, 14, 10 and 7. I want to say thank you for providing my family with food cards through your Food for Kids Program. It was a very welcome help to our dwindling budget.”

“I just wanted to thank you so much for the assistance in this very difficult time! We are going to use the cards to buy as much protein as we can (we have been eating a lot of pasta). Thank you!”

“I’m extremely thankful to you all for sending us the grocery gift cards. Due to this pandemic we are feeling the extra burden on our budget.”

“Thanks for reaching out to the families in the communities. This is amazing! And it’s also a great private way to provide meals for people that are in need.  Sometimes people need help but they are embarrassed to physically go to a food bank to say they need help.”

We have received the cards from Food for Kids program for our two kids. I’d deeply like to thank you. I also would like to ask you to keep my name and e-mail address as I truly intend to give back to this program when we have the conditions to do so.”