At TFSS, we are YOU. We exist solely to support TDSB students and, like you, we want every student within the TDSB to be nourished and able to learn. With the support of TDSB school communities we can help our children get the ‘hand up’ they need.

Here is a list of fundraising suggestions to get you started:

  • Host a pancake breakfast
  • Student artwork product sale
  • Car wash
  • Read-a-thon (students collect pledges to read as many books as they can)
  • Community game night
  • Plant sale (perfect for Spring!)
  • Organize a used book sale
  • School raffle
  • Host a school talent show and ask for a small donation as admission

Below are some examples of how schools have supported TFSS in the past:

John Fisher P.S sold hand-made items, created by their students, at their winter concert.

Sir John Roberston JPS hosted a ‘pizza lunch top up’, where students paid to have a tasty pizza lunch and donated their extra change back to TFSS. A win-win for everyone!

Sir Oliver Mowat held a week of activities where students paid a small fee in order to participate. Some of these included: getting out of class early, taking shortcuts through the school, watching school teams play, and so on.

The TDSB SuperCouncil held an event called ‘CoffeeHaus’ at Riverdale C.I. where students paid a cover fee of $5.00 to enjoy an evening of live music and art created by their peers. The proceeds were donated to TFSS to help other students across our system.

Still having trouble thinking of an idea? Check out our annual campaigns.

We can help make your fundraiser a success by providing reading materials about our programs that can be displayed during your event. One of our staff would also be happy to come to your school to give a short presentation about how your contribution will benefit students across Toronto.