TFSS Emergency Fund

TFSS Emergency Fund

Helping Students When They Need it Most

There are far too many students that, for one reason or another, simply cannot afford the necessities that more fortunate young people take for granted. For some parents, it’s a daily struggle to provide even basic needs like food and shelter for their children. For many secondary school students living at home is not a safe option, and that’s just reality.

The TFSS Emergency Fund is set up to provide children and youth with immediate support in emergency situations. It could be a warm coat, a pair of shoes with no holes, or even decent food to see them through the weekend. Sadly, without the TFSS Emergency Fund, many young people will go without these things.

Requests for help come from all corners of the city, and are as varied as the children we are here to help. The amount of support that the TFSS Emergency Fund is able to provide often makes an enormous difference to the basic health, safety, and well being of these students. It often enables them to stay in school.

If you’d like to help, please donate to the TFSS Emergency Fund.

The Impact

A child who lost both parents was being cared for by his grandmother, a senior citizen on a fixed income. Emergency funding enabled this child to have winter clothing that her grandmother simply couldn’t afford. He now arrives at school warm and dry.

A high school student in danger had to leave home quickly. She was able to stay with a friend but had no food or money. With help from the Emergency Fund, she was able to cover the cost to replace her ID, apply for much needed support services and transition to a safe environment. She didn’t miss a single day of school.