This April two TFSS staff members had the exciting opportunity to pay Brown Public School a visit. In addition to thanking Mme. Breslin and her grade 4/5 class for supporting their charity, TFSS, they told the students about the impact their fundraising efforts had.

For a number of years now, under the leadership of Mme. Breslin, Brown PS has been supporting TFSS’ annual Red Nose Campaign. This year a dedicated team of 5 students spearheaded the campaign and together they managed to raise nearly $700. And, they had a lot of fun along the way!

Brown PS

While visiting the class, a number of students asked really thought provoking questions like, “how much money does it take to provide a meal for a hungry student?” And, “how many students have their eyes tested (though the Gift of Sight and Sound program)?”. These were great questions, which goes to show how passionate and dedicated this class is about helping fellow TDSB students! Thanks, Brown Public School!

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