Thank You Allenby!

Every year, the grade 6 leaders at Allenby Junior Public School research local and global initiatives to support. After doing some research, the students decided to support TFSS because they understood that students their own age, in their own community, might need an extra hand up in order to receive the education that they deserve. The students at Allenby write, “We believe that it’s important for students to have a successful education with many different opportunities. We think that this charity is important because it benefits many children who don’t have access to special after-school programs and good nutritious food.”

In mid-December, the students took to the streets to raise money locally. They decided to host a bake sale at their school selling lots of delicious cookies, cupcakes, brownies and other goodies. It was a huge success, raising over $1,700.00!

Since the first bake sale was such a hit, the students have chosen to host another one this month to help support more students across our city. Once again, thank you Allenby for choosing TFSS. We’re lucky to have student community leaders like you!