Way to go John Fisher!

The grade 6 students at John Fisher Junior Public School truly understand the meaning of giving. These students have been doing what they can to help other students in need throughout the year. Beginning in September, they participated in our Virtual Apple Drive as part of the Toronto Foundation for Student Success’ feed tomorrow activities. They went to a local fruit store and purchased apples at cost, which they sold to their community. Their work translated into placing red apple stickers on a big apple tree poster in the school, so that they could track the ‘fruits’ of their labour (pun intended!).

The fundraising didn’t end there. Students also participated in a yoga class, where they contributed a small amount in order to participate in stretches during recess. What a great way to make a difference, learn something new and feel great!

Before the winter holidays, the grade 6 students decided that they wanted to do more to raise money for TFSS. They gathered craft materials which they had at home and created their own masterpieces. Pencil cases, bracelets, “bath bombs” and other goodies were available to the public at John Fisher’s annual winter concert. In one evening they raised $450.00 – amazing! Students were also able to share their knowledge about TFSS, so that the community knew where their money was going.

To top it all off, in lieu of giving a holiday gift to teachers, the John Fisher community also decided to make donations in honour of their teachers.

Thank you John Fisher for making the Toronto Foundation for Student Success your charity of choice this year. We love seeing students helping students in their own communities.