Muslim Welfare Centre

Above: Muslim Welfare Centre presenting a cheque for $2,000 to Nelson Mandela Drive P.S. staff and students, a portion of the $30,000 they've donated to nutrition programs this year alone.

Firaz Azeez and Shahid Khan joined TFSS on our annual VIP Bus Tour during feed tomorrow week. Traveling ‘student style’, we visited Nelson Mandela Public School and Sprucecourt Public School to see nutrition programs in action. Amazed at what he saw, Azeez decided to increase their charity’s funding to local breakfast programs to help nourish future generations of leaders.

The Muslim Welfare Centre (MWC) currently supports 14 school nutrition programs, ensuring that thousands of students are able to start their day with a full stomach. The MWC has been donating to Student Nutrition Programs since 2010, this year alone they’ve donated $30,000 which will feed more than 4,500 students in some of Toronto’s least affluent communities.

Through nutrition programs, students learn about making life-long healthier choices and are given culturally appropriate foods and conform to dietary standards while adhering to Canada’s Food Guide and Ontario’s School Food and Beverage Policy (PPM150).

Thank you MWC for your generous support and for sharing in our vision: healthier, nourished children thriving and succeeding.

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Above: Firaz Azeez and Shahid Khan from the Muslim Welfare Centre with Catherine Parsonage, TFSS CEO & Executive Director, during feed tomorrow.

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