Feed Tomorrow Week is officially underway, and what a start we had! The TFSS team was at Morse St. PS this morning along with parent volunteers and Celebrity Chef Jamie Kennedy to support the school's Breakfast Program. Because of the special week, and Jamie's presence, kids and parents alike came out in droves. Usually, we only see the kids at the school's breakfast program, where we work to make sure no child starts the day hungry, but who can blame the parents for being excited, too?

The goal for Feed Tomorrow Week is to raise awareness and funds for Student Nutrition Programs across the city. More than 110,000 children rely on in-school Nutrition Programs, which accounts for more than 147,000 meals served every school day. The need is high.

Also out this morning at Morse St. PS was the great Nalini Sharma and the CP24 Breakfast News crew. Have a look at the clips below to see what went down, and, don't forget to text TFSS to 45678 to donate $5 to Feed Tomorrow, today.

Clip 1: www.cp24.com/cp24-breakfast/1018599

Clip 2: www.cp24.com/cp24-breakfast/1018598

Clip 3: www.cp24.com/cp24-breakfast/1018607

Clip 4: www.cp24.com/cp24-breakfast/1018614