Check out the new Student Nutrition Program video! As a founding member of the Toronto Partners for Student Nutrition, we are pleased to share this video with you. Student Nutrition Programs in the City of Toronto are supported by this partnership, which includes TFSS, the TDSB, Toronto Public Health, Toronto Catholic Distric School Board, The Angel Foundation for Learning and Community Representatives.

Robyn Read shares her story of how the work of the Toronto Foundation for Student Success has impacted her life.

CBC Toronto Vision Award for Immigrant Inclusion: TFSS deliberately hires international doctors to screen the vision of children in the city’s less affluent neighbourhoods.

Our innovative pilot program beyond 3:30 is designed to provide a safe, stimulating place for middle school students to gather between the hours of 3:30 and 8:00 pm. The program, available at no cost to students or their families, restablishes schools as the ‘hubs’ of their communities by keeping them open and offering quality programming. This program is a proud partnership between the Toronto Community Foundation, the Toronto District School Board’s Model Schools for Inner Cities Initiative, the Toronto Foundation for Student Success, and many programming partners.