Hillcrest Community School Giving Page

Hillcrest’s annual fundraising campaign is underway! This is a great opportunity to support Hillcrest students, and ensure we are providing an enriched classroom and school experiences for our kids.
All of the funds raised will help to support activities like field trips, athletics, resources for special projects, Scientists in Schools and other classroom guests. The Annual Campaign benefits all Hillcrest students.

Your donations will help fund many Parent Council initiatives. For example:

  • A donation of $10.00 will cover some of the costs for a school bus subsidy (allowing students to participate in learning opportunities outside of the school). 
  • A donation of $25.00 will help us to continue to support the Hillcrest garden that is located at the front of the school, used and loved by Hillcrest students. 
  • A donation of $100.00 will help to cover the costs of the athletics budget at Hillcrest, providing student athletes with uniforms, flags, referees, entrance fees, etc. 
  • A donation of $200.00 provides one classroom at Hillcrest with the ability to purchase art supplies and materials that will enhance your child’s classroom experience. Your support ensures that all teachers at Hillcrest have this supplemental budget. 
  • A donation of $600.00 will provide approximately half of the budget required to ensure the Hillcrest Library is able to invest in new books for the use of all children at the school

This year our goal is 100% participation from the Hillcrest community – no amount is too small, and every little bit counts!  What’s most important is that as a community we are building a better school for our kids. 

All donors will receive an automatic tax receipt to their e-mail. Thank you for participating!