Emergency Fund Application Form

Who Can Apply?

Any TDSB principal, teacher, or professional support services staff member can apply for emergency funds up to a one-time only maximum of $500 per student. To make the process easy and to get funds out to schools as fast as possible (24-48 hours) we’ve developed an on-line application process.


Fund Criteria

  1. All requests for funds should be intended for emergency purposes. The Emergency Fund is set up to provide students with support for urgent needs, and in emergency situations. This may be a warm coat, a pair of boots that don’t leak, or any other essential items that will help a student in need get to school and participate to the best of their ability. We rely on the excellent judgment of the TDSB’s Professional Support Staff and Principals in determining that the application is for an emergency item.
  2. All requests must be made on behalf of TDSB students.
  3. Any request may not exceed $500 per student. Funds can be requested in increments and must be spent immediately upon receipt. (If a request for under $500 is made for a student, they remain eligible for the remaining amount up to $500, should there be the need for a further request.)
  4. Please Note: Emergency grants cannot be used to cover day to day transportation costs to and from school.

Funding Requirements

  1. If a cash transaction is required to meet the emergency needs of a student a TDSB staff member must accompany the student.
  2. Note: The costs for normal day-to-day transportation to and from school will not be funded.


  1. Fill in and submit the form below (note all fields on the form below are mandatory).
  2. TFSS will e-mail confirmation of grant approval.
  3. On receipt of email approval, funds may be taken from the school non-board account and then replaced with the funds received from TFSS.
  4. Cheque is mailed out by TFSS to the school.

Application Form

The name of the applicant (i.e. principal, social worker, teacher)
Maximum $500 - please see requirements above
(poverty issues, etc.), including an itemized list of items to be purchased and approximate costs.