Sang Kim is a man who wears many hats: he is a restaurateur, chef and food literacy advocate. During our 10th annual feed tomorrow week, we were lucky to have him speak at our “Meeting of the Minds” opening event at his restaurant, the Wind Up Bird Café. Sang discussed the importance of having nutritious food within the public school system based on his personal experiences with food scarcity growing up in the projects of Jane and Finch.

He also led a “Sushi Making for the Soul” workshop after our “VIP Bus Tour” later on in the week, where he led donors and guests to create their own sushi while linking the activity to food literacy within Toronto.

Sang’s personal story challenged us to have the difficult, but important conversation about child poverty hunger that is occurring in Toronto. You can watch Sang’s Ted Talk about food literacy below:

Above: Sang Kim with his restaurant staff and beyond 3:30​ students.

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