Breakfast Clubs of Canada Founder and Officer of the Order of Canada Daniel Germain was in Toronto to lend his organization's support to student nutrition in Toronto.

On October 5, Breakfast Club of Canada founder Daniel Germain and Toronto Foundation for Student Success, CEO Catherine Parsonage attended Dovercourt PS to announce the investment of $401,000.00 to Toronto’s Student Nutrition Programs. In recognition of Feeding Toronto’s Hungry Students Week (October 1-5) Germain helped serve breakfast to primary school children as part of the celebration.

“Breakfast Clubs of Canada is thrilled to support and join with an engaged community partner like TFSS,” said Daniel Germain. “Working together, we are able to help TFSS provide breakfasts to 58 schools in Toronto. This partnership is a great example of the importance of collaboration and it showcases that successful partnerships can create a positive social change.”

Feeding Hungry Students Week raises awareness about the issue of hunger in our city, where one in three students live in poverty and over 147,000 students depend on breakfast, nutrition and snack programs for food each day.

“It’s simple- hungry kids can’t learn. There are young people coming to school who have eaten nothing the day before. We are immensely grateful for the support of Breakfast Clubs, whose partnership will allow us to help students in need focus on class without having to worry about their next meal,” said John Embry, Chair of the Toronto Foundation for Student Success.

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