Want to learn more about your charity? Want your students to learn more about some of the issues happening in Toronto? Hosting an event for TFSS and want students to get inspired through a kick-off presentation? No matter the reason(s), we have you covered.

One of the best parts of our jobs is going to schools to visit all-star staff and students! This year we are offering presentations to TDSB schools. Help raise awareness by inviting a TFSS rep to present at your school. Presentations are around 15 – 20 minutes in length and focus on some of the issues related to poverty that people face in Toronto.

Now, more than ever, the number of people relying on free nutritional services, such as breakfast programs, is on the rise. These issues can sometimes hit close to home and it becomes easier to talk about poverty in other parts of our world even though it is in our own backyard. This presentation allows for students to engage in these important discussions and provides tangible examples of how issues of poverty are being addressed through many of our programs.


•Students will learn about issues related to poverty happening in Toronto within a safe and respectful environment

•Students will gain knowledge through engaging facts and stories

•Students will learn about their charity, TFSS, and how it’s working to help address the needs of other children across the TDSB

•Staff and students will feel empowered to become engaged in local issues and the rights of individuals in their community


Please email info[@] if you would like TFSS to visit your school for a presentation. 

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