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A Safe Place After School.

In Toronto’s Neighbourhood Improvement Areas*, 95% of young people don’t have access to after-school programs. We’re trying to change that.

It’s during the hours after school lets out that our children are most vulnerable. Instead of spending time on the streets, or going home to an empty apartment, beyond 3:30 gives students between the ages of 11 and 14 a safe and welcoming place for sports and physical fitness, a nutritious meal, and homework support each school day — opportunities that are out of reach for most families facing poverty issues. beyond 3:30 is offered free to all students.

beyond 3:30 is unlike any other program of it’s kind. We operate right in schools, making it safe and easy for students to attend. There’s a big focus on nutrition, as well as sports and physical fitness. Our Junior Chefs' Club is a big draw, and brings many new students to the program. And, with programs like the Financial Literacy Course, and with Homework Support, beyond 3:30 students not only become more prepared to succeed in high school, but also in life itself. Our Homework staff are Teachers’ College graduates who liaise directly with daytime school staff to make sure children get the support they need.

Last year, 72% of beyond 3:30 students said they gained a much better understanding of nutrition and food preparation, 68% became much more physically active, and over 70% improved their grades.

The research can’t be ignored, and it proves it’s working. Our students are developing better social skills, increasing self-esteem, and learning important life skills while getting much needed physical activity and nutrition in a safe environment.

beyond 3:30 is now in 18 schools, and the children love it. We would like it to be in even more schools in the years to come. But to do this, we need your support.

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The Impact

Before joining beyond 3:30, a 12-year-old girl went home to an empty apartment. With the TV as her only source of company, she would often fall asleep on the couch. She rarely got any exercise, completed her homework, or had a proper dinner. A school friend told her about beyond 3:30, and after reluctantly joining, she can’t get enough of the program. Now she’s healthier, happier, and finishes her homework on time.

When he had nothing to do after school, a Grade 7 student started getting into trouble on the streets. His mother enrolled him in beyond 3:30 where he made new friends who were positive influences in his life. He is now more cooperative with his family and is developing leadership skills in school.


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* The City of Toronto has identified 31 neighbourhoods in Toronto for targeted investment and support. The lack of services facing many of Toronto’s inner suburban neigbourhoods is a major barrier to opportunity for many people particularly newcomers and youth.


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