Dream Serenade Family Relief Fund Application

The name of the applicant (i.e. principal, social worker, teacher who is applying on behalf of the family)

Package details found at www.tfss.ca/dream-serenade (choose from dropdown menu)

If funds are requested, enter the dollar amount (max. $200/child)

Share a little about the family and why a respite package would be helpful

My principal has seen and approved this request

I agree to ask the family to submit a brief online report of how the funds were spent within 30 days of using the respite package


Who Can Apply?

Any principal, teacher, or professional support services staff member can apply on behalf of students and their families for one Dream Serenade Respite Package per child, annually and/or a maximum of $200 to address urgent needs of students with special needs. Applications are open to families with a child who have developmental and/or physical disabilities. To make the process easy and to get packages out to schools as fast as possible we’ve developed an on-line application process. 

Fund Criteria

  1. All requests for packages are to provide some respite time for parents, guardians and families of children with developmental or physical disabilities. We rely on the professional judgment of the TDSB’s Professional Support Staff and Principals to identify qualifying students.

  2. All requests must be made on behalf of TDSB students and their families.

  3. Any request may not exceed one package per qualifying student.

  4. It is the responsibility of the family to arrange their own respite or child care and where applicable, complete the intake process with the pertinent agency.

Funding Requirements

  1. A brief on-line follow up report, without family names, is a requirement. This helps us let donors know their gifts are having impact. Applicants (principal, social worker or teacher) must submit this report within 30 days of receipt of the packages being used.

  2. Tickets, hotels, respite care vouchers must be used within the time frame listed on the package.


  1. Fill in on-line form below and submit to TFSS.

  2. TFSS will e-mail confirmation of approval with 48 hours.

  3. The Dreams Package will be mailed out by TFSS to the school.

(Please note: All fields on the form below are mandatory.)

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