A program to help kids with poor eyesight is also helping their foreign doctors

A one-of-a-kind vision-screening program for Toronto schoolchildren is giving foreign-trained doctors a rare opportunity to improve their skills so they can apply to Canadian medical residency programs.

The community health project, operating out of 150 schools within the Toronto District School Board, not only puts free glasses on kids but has given dozens of international medical graduates the experience they need to succeed. 

"Prior to this I was working in a call centre making minimum pay and I was not able to work on my Canadian medical exams," Rajkumar Luke Vijendra Das said while working at an eye screening clinic set up at The Elms Junior Middle School in Etobicoke. 

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We are missing the heart of the matter on cardiovascular disease, teaching kids to cook

First, let me give you some great news. Mortality rates from cardiovascular diseases have never been lower. Over the second half of the 20th century, heart disease and stroke went from representing half of the deaths in Canada to a quarter, thanks largely to the decline of smoking, plus advances in medicine.

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Turning a blind eye to vision care in Canada

TORONTO - Canada is failing to ensure everyone — especially children — has access to proper vision assessments and affordable corrective lenses, prominent pediatrician Lee Ford-Jones says.

“If there’s one thing you want Canadian children and youth and parents to be able to do is to be able to communicate with each other,” the GTA-based doctor said. “You want them to be able to hear, see, speak and read.

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A giant thank you to Clearly.ca


A giant thank you to Clearly.ca for supporting the Gift of Sight and Sound program and for coming to help us dispense the glasses to students right in their school!

Posted by Toronto Foundation for Student Success on Thursday, March 17, 2016

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Should eye exams be mandatory for school-age kids?

Posted 2015-09-24
Category Healthcare

Op-Ed, published through The Evidence Network, on the need for mandatory eye exams for school since the uptake on the passive Eye See Eye Learn is pretty low. 

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Clearly Contacts Helps Change The View

Posted 2015-03-16
Category Healthcare

On Thursday, March 12, 2015, a few ClearlyContacts employees joined TFSS on a “dispensing crawl”. They went to three different downtown schools for the final stage of the Gift of Sight and Sound program- when the students get fitted for their brand new, prescription filled glasses. 

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Clearly Contacts Celebrates Over 5,000 Glasses Donated to TFSS!

Posted 2013-12-02
Category Healthcare

ClearlyContacts.ca CEO Roger Hardy came to visit a dispensing clinic for TFSS' Sprott Asset Management Gift of Sight and Sound Program, to celebrate his company having given over 5,000 glasses to students in need.

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Clear priority: Vision tests for school-age children

Posted 2013-08-06
Category Healthcare

When vision impairment goes unchecked it becomes a kind of invisible disability, affecting literacy, numeracy and skill development. It can also contribute to social exclusion, as a child may hold herself back from play with peers, made difficult because of poor sight…The good news is that there are organizations tackling this issue and making a difference, but they can’t do it on their own — nor should they

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Screening program gives foreign–trained doctors a chance.

Posted 2011-03-11
Category Healthcare

TFSS deliberately hires international doctors to screen the vision of children in the city’s less affluent neighbourhoods. It’s a win-win for students and immigrants. 

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