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Sign up below to take part in this initiative and we’ll send you a large poster of a tree, a roll of apple stickers, and some resources to get you started. Every time your school raises $5, stick an apple on and track your fundraising success by seeing how fruitful your school’s apple tree can be. Put the tree at the entrance of your school to get staff, students and parents talking about student hunger, local poverty and how to spread the word.

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Why take part?
It's simple, hunger hurts.

By participating in the Virtual Apple Drive, you’ll be helping TDSB students and schools because all money raised will directly support nutrition and food related programs.

The Virtual Apple Drive gets students helping students.

Here's how other schools helped raise funds for the Virtual Apple Drive:

  • With the saying “an apple keeps the doctor away” as their slogan, John Fisher Junior Public School purchased apples in bulk and sold them to staff, students and community members for a profit!
  • Students at York Memorial Collegiate Institute got creative in the kitchen and cooked up delicious candy apples and sold them to staff and students!
  • Rather than use the poster TFSS provides, students attending Beverley Heights Middle School created their own and had a weeklong toonie drive to raise funds!

You can make it as simple as you’d like. Remember every donation helps to fight student hunger.

We’d love to hear how your Virtual Apple Drive is going! Throughout the event, post pictures of your tree or your class getting involved. Let’s get the conversations going about hunger and poverty in our city!

We’ve made it easy for you. Check some of the resources below and feel free to copy and paste information to share with your colleagues, students, parents and community.

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