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Last year, the cost of fresh fruit and vegetables jumped up by a staggering 18%. This year, that number is increasing and Student Nutrition Programs that serve hungry students need your help.

Starting as early as April, some Student Nutrition Programs are cutting back from 5 days a week to 4. Others are struggling to give their students all three food groups. The Virtual Apple Drive, a fundraising initiative to support hungry students across the city, was created to help struggling nutrition programs respond to this increase. 

Why nutrition programs?
It’s simple: if you’re hungry, it’s hard to focus, and if you can’t focus, you can’t learn.

The reality:

o    One in every three children in Toronto lives in poverty and 40% of all children come to school hungry each day. This can be as high as 68% in our most at-risk communities.

o    78% of secondary school students who eat breakfast on most days are on track for graduation.

o    Students who don’t eat breakfast are twice as likely to be suspended and are more likely to miss school.

We work with many wonderful partners to support over 825 school-based nutrition programs that provide more than 195,000 nutritious meals every school day. The need continues to grow and our children need help.

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