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Founded in 1998, The Toronto Foundation for Student Success (TFSS) is the registered charitable foundation of the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) created to ensure that all students are ready and able to learn in classrooms. 

The TFSS operates independently from the TDSB. However, thanks to support provided by the TDSB, there is no administration fee for funds donated to School-based Nutrition Programs and the Emergency Fund, enabling a full 100% of all donations to go directly to these programs. The overall administration cost for the TFSS is less than 6%.

For over thirteen years, the TFSS has been building partnerships with the Federal, Provincial and Municipal governments, the TDSB, concerned corporations and foundations, other NGO’s, private individuals, families, and the many diverse communities within Toronto, to draw on the enthusiasm and expertise needed to execute its programs.

The TFSS acts as an advocate for students, identifying and initiating programs to deal with the hunger, poverty and violence experienced by students and our programs have expanded over the years as the need has escalated.

In 1999, the TFSS was providing 11,000 nourishing meals every day to children in need. Today, we support over 147,000 nutritious meals in over 600 schools.


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